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 Lasers for marking>>FL-532

 FL-532 green laser for laser marking

  • Semi cold light source, suitable for sensitive materials.
  • Short pulse duration 5ns, short acting time, low heat effect.
  • Small volume can match with market mainstream rack.
  • Scientific research quality standard, <1% power stability.
  • Industrial product flow, 12 quality inspection procedures, stable and reliable product quality.
  • FL-532 series laser is based on the advantages of short pulse duration and low heat effect can be widely used in food and drug plastic packing bag marking.
  • No touch, no bubbles and burnt after marking, fully meet the safety requirement of food and drug packaging.

 Good performance in plastics marking!

Wavelength (nm) 532±1
Work pattern Q-switched
Model FL-532-1.5W FL-532-3W FL-532-4.5W
Average output power (W) ~1.5W ~3W ~4.5W
Pulse width (ns) ~5ns
Peak power  (kW) ~15kW ~30kW ~45kHz
Pulse repetition rate (kHz)                  1~20kHz
Power stability (rms, over 8 hours) <1%, <2%, <3%, <5%
Transverse mode TEM00
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad) <1.5mrad
Beam diameter at aperture (mm) ~7.0mm
Beam height from base plate (mm) 21.5mm
Operating Temp. (℃) 0~40℃
Laser head
Laser head size

307 (L) ×60 (W) ×80.5 (H) mm3, 1.5 kg

Power supply(12V/25A DC) 253(L) ×242(W) ×100(H) mm3, 3.6 kg
Expected lifetime (hours) 20000
Warranty 1 year
Data sheet
 Marking samples:

Animal ear tag ABS Medicine packaging Egg Plastic

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