405 nm Blu-ray Laser Pointer

Time: 08-07-2008


As I known earlier, the blu-ray laser diode is widely used in blue laser drive or player and its output power is usually from 5mW to 7mW of laser radiation at 404-407nm (nominally 405nm) in the violet part of the spectrum. Because it is at the violet end of the spectrum, it will not be as visible as blue, green, or yellow laser pointers, but the color is absolutely gorgeous, and is very radiant and unusual for a laser pointer and a portable laser.  

And I know that the colors of purple and violet are two different critters, but the phrase "royal violet" would not make very much sense; however, most everybody knows what "royal purple" looks like. Purple is a mixture of red & blue; violet is a spectral color, encompassing wavelengths of ~390nm to ~410nm. Always girls like this color very much. 

So many colors of laser pointers make you dazing. I think the following pictures, comparing the colors of blu-ray laser, blue laser, green laser, orange laser, red laser, will help you to choose a suitable laser pointer for you.



Though 405 nm is a laser diode, the researcher of Changchun New industries Optoelectronics Tech. CO., Ltd.  has developed the special beam shaping system to make the spot round. Now the output power of the 405 nm laser pointer can reach to 60mW.


The round spot of blu-ray laser pointer

405 nm laser pointer


From: www.cnilaser.com


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