CNI newly released OEM laser module core

Time: 05-12-2009

CNI developed OEM laser module core at different wavelengths, which is featured of high efficiency, ultra small dimension, high compatibility, low cost and easy-to-integrate. It is the best choice for laser specialist.


 The OEM laser module core consist of a hard anodised aluminium housing, a laser diode, laser crystals and optics in optimized design to produce a collimated or focused spot. Customers can assemble the temperature control or suitable heat sink for the laser module core based on their needs. Electronics PC board are made upon requests. They have been designed as a complete and affordable DPSS laser system solution for OEM companies.


 This module provides the constant optical performance and wavelength precision necessary for demanding industrial and laboratory applications such as alignment, bio-analysis and flow cytometry. OEMs get a complete laser system with CNI' s OEM laser modules core which can be individually tailored to their application.


 The OEM laser modules core are available in a variety of wavelengths from from 532 nm to 1064 nm with either a standard round output beam or line generating optics or fiber coupling. Line generating optics generate a 45°, 60°, or 90° full fan angle line.


 It is also widely used in the laser lighting show technology, which color gamut coverage two times of the NTSC standard. Consequently, it is regards as the mainstream display technology of the new generation.

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