CNI newly released 640 nm red diode laser module with circular beam profile

Time: 05-23-2009

CNI is launching a new 640nm laser module which offers unrivalled performance and also an affordable price. It is the brightest red light with perfect round beam and small divergence. A very high optical output power of 300mW CW  is offered, also with the beam divergence below 1.0mrad.

The improved beam circularity (Near TEM00) results in greater efficiency and consequently significant cost savings for OEMs and, combined with the high optical output power and high visibility, makes it an ideal laser diode for use as a light source in laser displays, laser levellers and line-markers, bar-code scanners, machine vision and medical and dental imaging applications.


It is a compact, self-contained, efficient and highly reliable laser module.

From: www.cnilaser.com


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