CNI newly released 589 nm yellow laser up to 2.5W

Time: 12-21-2009

CNI has announced a new product, MGL-W series of 589nm diode-pumped solid-state laser, By using the dual-wavelength intra cavity sum-frequency technology, 2500mw 589nm yellow laser is achieved, which greatly improved the output power at this wavelength, also added a new member for high-power yellow series laser.

 The wavelength of this laser has special applications in many fields, such as laser display, medical and various field operations, especially for Geodesy in mist cases, also all kinds of collimation occasions. The laser beam is not only widely used in the Spectroscopy, but also has important applications in military fields, such as the detection and recognition of space target, moreover it can be an ideal replacement of sodium derivative signal light source in astronomical telescope, also can be a copper vapor laser alternatives. In conclusion, 589nm yellow laser has a high practical value.

As for the  medical field, it can be used as equipment in dermatology treatment. With the wavelength of 589 nm, the yellow solid-state laser has the optimal wavelength in removal of vascular lesions. The wavelength can also be used in acne treatment, skin rejuvenation etc.

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