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Integrated Electronics

multi-wavelength fiber coupled laser Features
  • Built-in driver for easy operation
  • 375-1550nm wide range of wavelengths available
  • 2-20 wavelengths can be combined into one system
  • Customized wavelength and output power combinations
  • Customized size available


Single Channel


Channel type

Single Channel


Model FC-MS FC-ML Customized model



Available wavelength (nm) 375~1064 375~1550
Number of combined wavelengths 2~3 4~6 7~20 2~6
Fiber type SM, MM SM, PM MM
Fiber core diameter (μm) Customized on request 4~9 (SM/ PM) 200/ 400 (MM)
Fiber connector SMA905/ FC FC SMA905/ FC
Output power Customized on request
Power stability (rms, over 4 hours) <3%, <5% <1%, <2%, <3%
Operating mode CW, TTL or analog on request
Operating temperature(℃) 10~35
Power input 100~240VAC
Cooling method Air cooled
Expected lifetime (hours) 10000
Warranty 1 year
Standard model:    
405nm/ 447nm/ 532nm/ 637nm    
405nm/ 488nm/ 532nm/ 637nm    

  • Linewidth < 0.1nm
  • Built-in TEC, power stability<1%
  • Integrated RS232 option, contains emergency stop button, short circuit protection functions
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Dual wavelength metrology
  • Biomedicine

Single Channel


Dual-wavelength Narrow Linewidth Laser System

Model FC-NL-532/ 785 FC-NL-784/ 785 FC-NL-785/ 1064 FC-NL-830/ 1064
Wavelength tolerance (nm) ±0.5
Output power (mW) 100/ 500 500/ 500 500/ 800 600/ 800
Fiber type MM
Fiber core diameter (μm) 100, 0.22NA
Fiber connector SMA905/ FC
Power stability (rms, over 4 hours) <1%, <3%, <5%
Spectral line width (nm) <0.1
Central wavelength stability
(rms, over 2 hours)
Operating mode CW, TTL or analog on request
Operating temperature (℃) 10~35
Power input 12VDC
Cooling method Air cooled
Expected lifetime (hours) 10000
Warranty 1 year
Dimensions 192mm×241mm×139.3mm

  Beam Combiner  

            ◆Red/ Green/ Blue beam combiner

            ◆Polarization beam splitter/ combiner


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