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Multi-wavelength Single Frequency Laser Source

Multi-wavelength single-frequency combined beam of all-solid-state laser, the system by combining different wavelengths of single-frequency laser through the dichroic lens to synthesize a beam, the system can be customized with a variety of accessories, optional free-space output or fiber coupling output, more convenient application in the field of full-color holography.

Holography is a three-dimensional imaging technology. In contrast to ordinary photography, holography records not only the amplitude of the light field of the subject, but also the relative phase of the reflected light waves. The hologram recorded by a single wavelength laser is monochromatic, while color holography enables the display of colored 3D objects.
  ■ Independent laser head and driver, easy to integrate
  ■ High stability
  ■ High monochrome, line width <10-5nm
  ■ Coherence length >50m
  Available Options  
  ■ Water cooling temperature control (holography recommended)
  ■ Electric shutter
  ■ Electric power attenuator
  ■ AOM control
  ■ Free space or fiber coupled output
  ■ Customize other accessories or services
  Laser Related  
  R: 639nm-400mW, 671nm-500mW
  G: 523.5nm-100mW, 526.5nm-100mW, 532nm-10W, 543nm-100mW, 556nm-100mW, 561nm-80mW

  B: 473nm-100mW, 457nm-400mW

  Y: 589nm-200mW

  Applications of CNI Laser  

RGBY Combined Beam Single Frequency Laser for Full Color Holography


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