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Even Beam Distribution Laser System


CNI can supply the even beam distribution option with different wavelengths, such as 405, 445, 457, 473, 515, 532, 635, 650, 670, 810, 940, 980, 1064nm and so on. With features of flat beam profile, even energy distribution spot, they are widely used in the fields of medical treatment, ultraviolet curing, fluorescence detection, criminal investigation and scientific research.


The green and red laser-based system designed and performance-optimized to be the ultimate tool for trace evidence detection, particularly of latent prints. It is a compact forensic light source for use in crime labs and at crime scenes, as well as for covert and homeland security applications.



    ◆Even Round Beam

          1. By using liquid core fiber:

                   Specifications (other wavelength options available)
Available wavelength (nm) 405, 445, 457, 473, 515, 532, 635, 650, 670, 810, 940, 980, 1064
Regular wavelength (nm) 532 nm
Model FC-EN-532 FC-EW-532
Power before fiber (W) 1-5 5-10
Beam distribution uniform speckle-free illumination
Dimension (mm) 207 x 281 x 110 408 x 290 x 133
Standard Fiber Armoured 1.5m (other length available)

Beam diameter at aperture (mm)

3, ¢5, ¢8, 10

Beam size with collimator 20cm beam diameter at 50cm location
Output Power 0-100%, adjustable by knob
LED Display Diode current
Input Power 90-264VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
Operating Mode CW, TTL or Analog on request
Dimensions / 290 (L) ×408 (W) ×133 (H) mm3
Expected Lifetime (hours) 10000
Operating Temperature ( ℃) 10~40
Cooling Way by air
Warranty time 1 year

                    Fiber collimator with adjustable focus

LFC-A (¢810) LFC-B(¢35)

          2. By using silica fiber even beam with a laser speckle reducer :
 Before removing the speckle After removing the speckle and beam shaping

    Even Square Beam
CNI can also provide the even beam with square spot by using square fiber with removing speckle equipment upon customers' requests.
After beam shaping


With the adjustable focus collimator, we can get about 20cm beam diameter at 50cm location, if you have any further requirement about the beam size, please contact

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