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 Laser pointer

Laser  pointer

 The laser pointers supplied by CNI feature at small size, special safety parts design, security ensure, FDA compliant, no IR, long time continuous operation. They are widely used as a pointer for presentations or for entertainment purposes. These lasers are encased in an aircraft-grade aluminum shell . This ingenious, yet simple, design prevents the accidental activation of your laser beam. In addition, we accept wholesale and retail both.

405 nm violet laser pointer


473 nm blue laser pointer GLP-473/0.6~5mW

532 nm green laser pointer


593.5 nm yellow laser pointer


808 nm infrared laser pointer GLP-808/0.6~5mW

980 nm infrared laser pointer GLP-980/0.6~5mW

1064 nm infrared laser pointer GLP-1064/0.6~5mW

1342 nm infrared laser pointer GLP-1342/0.6~5mW

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