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Diamond Girdle Laser Inscription

Many diamond wholesalers or Jewelry factories need to identify and process the raw diamond, CNI can offer the total solution of diamond planning, marking and identification, also the separate part such as laser source and Raman spectrometer are available.
The Fine-LaScribe is a perfect choice for diamond marking with perfect marking effect on the diamond waist line, the minimum character height can be 40 um, and minimum marking line width 5 um.


Diamond Girdle Laser Inscription



Features: Applications:
•  Good laser beam quality, small focusing spot • Diamond waist line marking code, LOGO
•  UV laser cold processing, no heat effect (Fine-LaScribe-II) • Jewelry factory, diamond wholesalers
•  Short material interaction time and minimal heat effect • Jewelry sales outlets, jewelry testing industry
•  Easy to operate, no need to apply any protective solution
•  Repeat engraving, high positioning accuracy  
•  Nicely marking, anti-counterfeiting micro engraving  
•  Minimum character height 40 μm  
•  Minimum marking line width 5 μm  
Series Fine-LaScribe Fine-LaScribe-II (Cold laser)

Resetting positioning accuracy

±1 μm
Engraving speed 2 mm/s
Minimum character height 40 μm
Minimum width of marking 5 μm
Cooling way Air cooled
Power consumption <200W
Machine dimensions 510mm(L) * 415mm(W) *3 45mm(H) 610mm(L) * 475mm(W) * 325mm(H)
Weight 30kg 35kg

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