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Single Longitudinal Mode (SLM) Laser

 Single Longitudinal Mode/ Single Frequency Laser


Raman spectrum
Precision measurement
Interference lithography
Atomic excitation/absorption

Longitudinal mode testing Coherent fringes of 532 nm laser  F-P etalon interference ring
 SLM Laser

CNI Laser manufactures compact diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) single frequency/single longitudinal mode lasers with narrow linewidth (<10-6 nm) and long coherent length (>100 m). The laser operates in single longitudinal mode and TEM00 mode with low amplitude noise and high stability.

CNI can offer SLM laser in wavelengths (nm) of: 360 457 473 523.5 526.5 532 556 561 577 589 639 656 660 671 721 1047 1053 1064 1313 1319 1342

Another option of narrow linewidth laser which includes diode laser and DPSS laser. The linewidth of diode laser is <0.03nm, and <0.003nm for DPSS laser.

 Frequency Stabilized SLM Laser
In addition to narrow linewidth and long coherent length, the frequency stabilized SLM laser has the advantages of stable frequency and low frequency noise.

    • Frequency shift (8 hours): ±200MHz
    • Frequency shift with Temperature: <200MHz/℃

CNI can offer frequency stabilized SLM laser in wavelengths (nm) of: 360 457 473

532 556 561 639 656 660 671 721 1047 1053 1064 1313 1319 1342



 Modulated SLM Laser
Modulated single frequency laser has the advantages of quick modulation rate, high extinction ratio, and easy coding.

CNI can offer modulated SLM laser in wavelengths (nm) of: 473 532 556 561 671

   • Repetition rate: Up to 1MHz
   • TTL/ Analog modulation optional
   • Available for other wavelengths and frequency on customers' request.
 Customized System
We have designed some special wavelength SLM lasers, such as 670.776nm, 589.159nm, 589.756nm for our customers used for various applications. If you need help, please contact us without any hesitation.  
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