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HLS-1000  Halogen Tungsten Light Source

HLS-1000 halogen tungsten light source is a versatile light source, suitable for VIS-NIR (340 nm-2000 nm), can be used for sample detection in absorbance transmittance. The light source can adjust SMA905 connector to achieve the best coupling efficiency connecting with fiber. The cooling fan cools and stabilizes the light source. Filter can be embedded in groove at light exit port.

  ■ Model:


  ■ Specifications:
Spectrum Range 340 nm ~ 2000 nm
Dimensions (mm) 153.70×63.5×55
Weight 0.63 kg
Energy Consumption ~8 W
Power Supply Requirements 12 V DC 4A stabilized voltage supply
Color Temperature 2800K
Lifetime of Bulb ~2,000 hour
Rated Power of Bulb 5 W
Connector SMA 905
Output Power 6.0 mW
Warm up Time 10 minutes
Working Temperature 5-35°C

       Note: The output power is typical value when connected to a 600 μm core UV / VIS fiber.


  ■ Instructions:

   1. Connect 12V DC 4A stabilized voltage supply, power the equipment;
   2. Turn the rocker switch to ON to start up;
   3. The optical exit port can be connected to optical fiber, or directly to the optical receiver;
   4. When using the halogen tungsten light source, it needs to warm up 10 minutes to ensure the stability of the wavelength.
Dimensions of light source Installation hole map at the bottom of the light source
  ■ Related Applications and Solutions:
  1. Transmittance Measuring Experiment

In this experiment, the HLS-1000 halogen-tungsten light source is connected to a three-channel sample cell and a cuvette by optical fiber. The light beam passes through the cuvette and another fiber is connected to Aurora 4000 high-resolution spectrometer which is produced by our company. The transmittance of the liquid is obtained by software operation.


  2. Reflectivity Measuring Experiment

In this experiment, a specially designed Y-type fiber is connected to the HLS-1000 halogen tungsten light source, and the receiver is connected with the Aurora 4000 high-resolution spectrometer which is produced by CNI. The probe part of the optical fiber is fixed on the optical fiber support, facing to the test samples. The reflectivity of the object can be obtained by software operation.



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