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Blue Laser

Blue Laser


CNI designs and manufactures cost effective ultra-compact violet blue laser systems. The laser system is a circular beam output and equipped with temperature control TEC. These lasers are specifically designed for OEM, scientific and industrial use.


405 nm blue-violet pointer laser, and 405 nm laser system is available.


Low noise 473 nm blue laser system is available.


Wavelengths of the CW violet blue lasers: 405 nm, 435 nm, 445 nm, 457 nm and 473 nm.


Blue laser module

Blue-violet laser at 400 nm

Blue-violet laser at 405 nm

Blue-violet  laser at 410 nm
Blue-violet  laser at 415 nm
Blue-violet  laser at 435 nm
Blue-violet laser at 442 nm
Blue-violet laser at 445 nm

Blue-violet laser at 447 nm

Blue-violet laser at 450 nm
Blue-violet laser at 454 nm

Blue laser at 457 nm

Blue laser at 460 nm

Blue laser at 473 nm

Blue laser at 480 nm
Blue-violet laser at 488 nm

Blue laser at 491 nm


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