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Computational Imaging System——Ghost Imaging

Model Number: STA-CIS

      Ghost imaging technology was formally proposed in 1995 with the appearance of entangled two-photon imaging, and quickly became a new research hotspot. Traditional optical imaging uses the first order correlation information of light field to image, while ghost imaging is a new imaging technology that uses the second order coherence of light field to recover the spatial information of the object to be measured.

Computational Imaging System: Ghost Imaging

Experiment Example
A spatial light modulator connected to a computer is used to modulate the laser projected by the laser device, then irradiate the modulated light source onto the object to be measured. Finally the total light intensity value is collected by a single pixel detector.
Computational ghost imaging schematic diagram Calculate the experimental results of ghost imaging


  • 532nm high stability laser

  • The system is simple and easy to operate

  • Real-time data display

  • User - friendly efficient and convenient interface software


  • Unknown environment survey

  • Ultra low radiation X-ray ghost imaging

  • Clear images of severe weather


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