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Laser Pulse Parameter Measurement——High-speed Photodetector

    Laser pulse duration, usually refers to the interval between the time when the laser power maintains at a certain value. Different lasers, the pulse duration can vary.
    High-speed photodetector combined with oscilloscope can monitor ultra-fast pulsed laser and measure pulse duration, frequency, period and other parameters of lasers.

Testing Instrument: High-speed Photodetector

Laser pulse measurement
Product High-speed photodetector
Wavelength 200-1100nm
Rise time 1ns, 5ns(optional)
Dimensions Ultra-thin body [3/4 inch (19.1 mm)] can measure in narrow space
Battery Internal A23 bias battery (accessory)

Examples of the Testing Results

Pulse duration and frequency testing Cycle testing
Pulse duration and frequency testing Cycle testing


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