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Polarization State Measurement——Glan Prism

      Laser beam polarization state including linear polarization, elliptical polarization, circular polarization, or arbitrary polarization, which use polarization degree present polarization characteristics. Polarization purity reflected by unwanted polarization contained in the polarization, it is usually referred to extinction ratio which is expressed as a percentage of possession. Both polarization degree and extinction ratio are the constraint quality to describe polarization state.
      Test method, laser beam vertically incident into power meter through Glan prism. Firstly record Glan prism original position, and then record each rotation angle value and power output value, The rotation angle interval can be decided according to required measurement curve accuracy, until rotating 360 degree to complete measurement. Link the points in coordinate system which with angle value as abscissa, energy value as ordinate, the curve characteristics reflect the polarization state.

Testing Instrument: Glan Prism

Glan prism


200~3500 nm

350~2300 nm

500~4000 nm

Clear aperture


Damage threshold resistance

>500 MW/cm2

Extinction ratio



Example of  Testing Results

Testing results


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