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Integrated OEM Laser Power Meter

      Changchun New Industry Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has launched the integrated OEM laser power meter, with compact size and personalized design, which is suitable for integrating into laser processing equipment or laser test system to achieve monitoring and feedback of laser power. It is widely used in laser processing, laser medical, laser equipment manufacturing and other fields.
Integrated OEM laser power meter has a variety of specifications of probes to choose from, and can provide secondary development or communication protocols, support for a variety of communication port customization, such as USB, RS232, RS422, RS485 and other communication modes, as well as analog voltage output mode, support for USB, DB9, aviation plug and other communication connectors to connect to the PC terminal. We can provide customised laser power testing solutions according to customer requirements.
Type Thermoelectric Photoelectric
Model TS-OEM Series HS-OEM Series PD-OEM Series
Wavelength range 0.19-25 um 0.19-20 um 200-1800 nm
Power range 2mW - 300W 100uW - 5W 1nW - 3W
Min measurement accuracy 0.1 mW 0.01 mW 0.001 uW
Probe diameter 22mm/ 25mm 9mm 9.5mm/ 12mm
Max average power density 45KW/cm2 1.5KW/cm2 20W/cm2
Size (customized) 51x51x30mm 40x40x18mm Ф30x12mm
Port USB/ RS232/ RS422/ RS485……/ Analog voltage



      l The probe design is compact and easy to integrate.
      l Fast response.
      l High damage threshold.
      l A wide range of spectral and power ranges are available.
      l A variety of signal output types are available.
      l Support customized solutions.



TS-OEM-Analog Voltage TS-OEM-RS232
51x51x30mm 51x51x30mm
40x40x18mm Ф30x12mm



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