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Signal Generator

      Signal generator is a multifunctional and high-precision portable signal source, which can provide frequency, waveform and output electrical signal. Especially used in optogenetics, by changing the parameters such as laser amplitude, time, precise light control can be achieved for specific cells of the organism to control the behavior of the cells. The pulse train signal can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements to realize high and low level conversion or cyclic conversion.

Testing Instrument: Signal Generator



  • LCD screen

  • External rechargeable battery

  • Adjustable angle of bracket



  • The main interface and the pulse train interface are separate.


Main Interface



Duty cycle




Pulse Train Interface

Pulse signals


High level T1, T3, T5

0-10s optional

Low level T2, T4, T6

0-10s optional

Cycle period (n)

1-1000 infinite cycle


Example of Testing Results


Main Interface

Pulse Train Interface

Frequency: 100Hz, Duty cycle: 50%, Amplitude: 5V T1=50ms, T2=100ms, T3=25ms
T4=25ms, T5=0, T6=0, n=100


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