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Lasers for Holography


Holography is divided into two processes which are recording and reproduction,the interference fringes is generated on the

holographic plate through the superposition between the reference light and the reflected light during the recording. Then, after the

holographic plate is processed in the darkroom, an image exactly same to the original object will be reproduced from the interference 

pattern on the photosensitive sheet by diffraction. Compared with ordinary photographic, Holography not only records the amplitude 

of light field of the object, but also records the relative phase of the reflected light waves. Holography is widely used in holographic

microscopy, holographic security, data storage, deformation measurement, holographic interferometry and etc.

Changchun New Industries (CNI) founded in 1996, is a manufacturer of solid-state and diode laser systems. CNI laser features with high performance, nice reliability, and specifically designed for OEM, scientific, industrial and instrumentation use. In addition, CNI lasers are ISO-9001, FDA, CE, RoHS and JQA certified, CNI can provide the single longitudinal mode, long coherent length, high stability lasers for laser holography and relevant components also can be provided.



   ■ High reliability single longitudinal mode lasers ( coherence length >50m )
   ■ Easy to install and maintainRelevant components can be provided
Customized solution can be provided upon request

Laser Related

      Wavelengths: 360 nm, 405 nm, 457 nm, 473 nm, 532 nm, 556  nm, 561 nm, 589 nm, 633 nm, 656 nm, 660 nm, 671 nm, 1064 nm,
1342 nm, 1550 nm,
etc. Multi-wavelengths system is also available on request

Interference fringes

 Etalon interference ring     

Wavelength and linewidth test


 Beam Shutter

Beam Expander

 Wave Plate

 Beam Splitter

Laser Goggles

Research achievements of CNI laser for Holography from customers

  (1) Three-dimensional holographic photostimulation of the dendritic arbor
       (J. Neural Eng. 8 046002; doi:10.1088/1741-2560/8/4/046002) (

(2) Two-wavelength exposure enhancement in holographic data storage of spirooxazine-doped polymers
(Optics Communications  Vol. 338, 1 March 2015, Pages 269–276) (CNI-405nm)

(3) Depth resolved hyperspectral imaging spectrometer based on structured light illumination and Fourier 
       transform interferometry
(Biomedical Optics ExpressVol. 5, Issue 10, pp. 3494-3507 (2014)) CNI-473nm)

  (4) Optical magnetic imaging of living cells
(Nature 496, 486–489 (25 April 2013)doi:10.1038/nature12072)(CNI- 532nm

(5) Multi-wavelength laser sensor for intruder detection and discrimination
(Optics and Lasers in Engineering Vol. 50, Issue 2, Pages 176–181) (CNI-532nm)

 (6) Optical observation of shock waves and cavitation bubbles in high intensity laser-induced shock processes
(Applied Optics, Vol. 48, Issue 19, pp. 3671-3680 (2009)) (CNI-532nnm)

  (7) Microscope spectrometer for light scattering investigations
(Applied OpticsVol. 49, Issue 22, pp. 4193-4201 (2010)) ( CNI-671nm/532nm)

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