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RGB Laser for Light Show


CNI provides OEM DPSS and diode lasers for entertainment. Single wavelength in green, blue, yellow, red and multi-wavelength RGB lasers are optional. These lasers are designed with high reliability and ultra compact dimensions, can be goodly integrated into customers' projectors.

Green Laser    
532 nm 520 nm

OEM-I-532/ 1~5W          Mini laser OEM-F-520/ 1~800mW
OEM-F-532/ 0.5~3W OEM-GD-520/ 3.5~5W
OEM-N-532/ 3~5W OEM-KD-520/ 6-10W
OEM-W-532/ 6~18W OEM-BD-520/ 11-20W
OEM-D-532/ 20~30W  
MGL-H-532/ 0.5~1.5W  
MGL-F-532/ 1.5-2.5W  
MGL-D-532/ 20~30W  

Blue Laser    
447 nm 462 nm

 OEM-F-447/ 1~3.5W  OEM-GD-462/ 16W
 OEM-D-447/ 4~8W  OEM-KD-462/ 20~30W
 OEM-GD-447/ 9~16W  
 OEM-XD-447/ 17~28W  
455 nm 465 nm
 OEM-KD-455/ 30~36W  OEM-F-465/ 1~3W
 OEM-BD-455/ 40~50W  

Red Laser Yellow Laser  
635 nm 589 nm

 OEM-D-635/ 1~2W MGL-F-589/ 1~300mW
OEM-GD-635/ 3~6W MGL-N-589/ 300~800mW
OEM-XD-635/ 7~11W MGL-W-589/ 800~4500mW
OEM-BD-635/ 15-20W  
OEM-TD-635/ 25-30W  
OEM-AD-635/ 45-50W  

RGB Laser (Multi-wavelengths Laser)

635nm & 520nm & 455nm  
RGB-GD/ 5-10W RGB-ZD/ 35-40W
RGB-KD/ 13W RGB-JD/ 30-60W
RGB-BD/ 15-20W RGB-ND/ 80W
RGB-ED/ 25-35W RGB-ND/ 120W
637nm & 520nm & 447nm  
RGB-VD/ 30W  

RGB Beam Combiner Polarization Beam Splitter/ Combiner
- Combine primary light into colorful
- Combine laser light for same wave band
  for higher power.
- Available for two or three laser light
  combined on customers' request.
- Can get higher output power by using
  this combiner.
Details Details

  CNI can provide supporting photosynthetic good system for customers, including engineering drawings, photosynthesis, laser and
     other necessary accessories.

  According to customer demand, to provide high power red, green, blue and other monochromatic laser light combination system

  CNI can offer RGB mix solution for customers, you can make full color show lasers at any output power up to 50 watts.

 About ILDA
  CNI is a member of international laser display association (ILDA) and also its gold sponsor in 2007.
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