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RGB Laser for show

RGB Laser for show


CNI has researched and developed Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Lasers and Laser Diode (LD) for several years. Our DPSS Lasers are featured with high reliability, high stability, high efficiency, low noise, excellent laser beam quality and low cost. The products include Green lasers, Blue lasers, Red lasers and RG & RGB laser. We could provide  RGB beam combiner used for RGB laser show. The green, blue and red laser combine and become a white beam with it. These lasers are specially designed for laser entertainment.

Green laser @520 nm
OEM-F-520/1-1000mW OEM-SD-520/2W
OEM-D-520/4W OEM-XD-520/5-10W
Green laser @532 nm

MGL-I-FS-532/1~500mW MGL-III-532/1~400mW
PGL-V-H-532/1~500mW MGL-H-532/400~1500mW
OEM-H-532/1-800mW MGL-F-532/1.5~3W
OEM-F-532/1-3W MGL-N-532/3~5W
OEM-N-532/1.5-5W MGL-W-532/5~20W
Blue laser @447 nm


OEM-H-447/1-1000mW OEM-XD-447/16-20W
OEM-F-447/1-2000mW MDL-F-447/1~2W
OEM-F-447/2000-3500mW MDL-F-447/2~3.5W

Red laser @635 nm


Red laser @637 nm

Red laser @655 nm

Yellow laser @589 nm

New Product PGL-III-D for stage show


Laserman show


635 nm (655 nm  671 nm)/532 nm
635 nm (655 nm 671 nm)/532 nm/473 nm
RGB beam combiner (for RGB/RG operation)

RGB beam combiners are available for either 2 or 3 wavelengths: 2 wavelength combiners combine red/green, green/blue or red/blue. 3 wavelength combiners provide full RGB operation, enabling full colour displays. With the polarization beam splitter, higher output power up to 30 watts RGB laser is available.

Note: CNI can offer customer service for the design of RG/RGB combining system, with drawing, combiner and lasers together.

Polarization beam splitter/combiner

Polarization beam splitter  can be used as beam splitters or beam combiners at the same wavelength. They are available for red, blue, and green lasers, you can choose the one you require.

Note: CNI can offer complete combining laser system, with the polarization beam splitter, which makes the output power double of the single laser.

RGB mix solution for laser show
CNI can offer RGB mix solution for customers, you can make full colour show lasers at any output power up to 30 watts.

◆ About ILDA
CNI is a member of international laser display association (ILDA) and also its gold sponsor in 2007.

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