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Red Laser

Red Laser


CNI designs and manufactures cost effective ultra-compact diode-pumped solid-state red laser systems. These red lasers are specifically designed for OEM, scientific and industrial use.


Low noise red laser at 671 nm up to 300 mW is available.


Single longitudinal mode red lasers with output power up to 100 mW at 671 nm are designed and manufactured. The new diode pumped solid-state single longitudinal mode red lasers are suitable for holography, interferometer, magneto-optical trapping of lithium atoms and Raman spectrum applications.


Wavelengths of the red lasers and near infrared lasers: 635 nm, 655 nm, 660 nm, 671 nm, 685 nm, 690 nm.


Red laser module

Red laser at 635 nm

Red laser at 640 nm

Red laser at 655 nm

Red laser at 656.5 nm
Red laser at 660 nm

Red laser at 671 nm

Red laser at 685 nm

Red laser at 690 nm

Red laser at 705 nm
Red laser at 720 nm
Red laser at 721 nm
Red laser at 730 nm

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