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Laser Device Experiment


Laser Device subject contains a variety of typical laser systems, including the gas, solid, diode and other typical lasers. From experiments, students can intuitively understand the main parameters and performance indicators of each laser device, and master the adjustment process and theoretical calculation of each type of laser. At the same time, customers can select the appropriate instrument according to the needs of experiment  for in-depth development.

Laser Device Experiment


Comprehensive Experiment of Gas Laser


Mainly involves the integrated experiment system of gas laser, including the fluorescence spectrum of gas, the detection of laser polarization characteristic, laser transverse and longitudinal mode, etc. Let students understand the structure and output characteristic of the gas laser, and various aspects of knowledge points...


Comprehensive Experiment of Lamp Pumped Solid State Laser


This experiment involves the structure of lamp pump high power laser, the design of the resonant cavity, the output characteristic measurement, the laser mode analysis, the first stage amplifier technology, Q-switch technology and various aspects of knowledge points...


Mainly involves diode pumped solid state laser, including the laser working substance emission spectrum detection, fluorescence lifetime detection, design and build of resonant cavity, laser parameter testing and various aspects of knowledge points, according to the customer to choose different configurations, focusing on the different experimental requirements.


This experiment involves the characteristic testing of diode laser, wavelength changing regulation with working substance of temperature changing. Students can fully understand the the basic characteristic and difference among diode laser, solid state laser, gas laser.


Laser production process training
Laser marking skills training
CAD real-time laser simulation experiment system


   ■ Provide customized service of laser device series teaching experiment and skills training system according to customers' research and teaching needs

   ■ References: Laser Device, Laser Principle, Laser Technology

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