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Laser Spectrum Series Experiment


Including the laser and spectrum technology combined with the relevant experiment system, let students understand the various testing system principle of the combination of laser and spectroscopy. CNI offers customized service of laser spectral series experiment system, which greatly meets the actual demand of customers in teaching and scientific research, so it is convenient for customers to innovate and in-depth research the laser and spectrum technology.

Laser Spectroscopy Experiment


1. Diffraction phenomenon of grating and measurement of
    diffraction angle

Second order diffraction phenomenon of diffraction grating

3. The principle and structure of grating spectrometer


Raman Spectrum Measurement Experiment


1. Build the Raman spectrum detection system
2. Measure the Raman spectra of each sample and establish the
3. Measure the Raman spectrum of unknown samples, compare

    with the spectra in database
and confirm the ingredient of


1. Measure the metal samples LIBS spectrum
2. Compared with standard sample and correction spectrometer
3. Test LIBS spectra of unknown mixture samples...


Confocal Microscopic Fluorescence Experiment


Excitation light is focused by an optical path from a microscope objective to small area of the test substance, stimulate fluorescence, return to microscope optical path and received by spectrometer. The spectroscopy software shows the testing substance fluorescence spectra, at the same time, the laser excited micro image can be observed by the camera software...


Experimental Measurement of Liquid Flow Rate by Laser Doppler


1. Understand the phenomenon of Doppler
2. Learn the Doppler frequency shift measurement method
3. Calculate fluid flow velocity according to the stripe parameter...


1. Showing of cavity ring-down spectroscopy technology principle
2. Lens reflectivity of straight cavity measurement with cavity ring-
    down method

3. Measurement of lens reflectivity by folded cavity ring-down


1. Laser production process training
2. Laser cutting operation training

  Provide customized service of fiber optics series teaching experiment and skills training system according to customers' research and
    teaching needs

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