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Engineering and Physical Optics Experiment


Physical Optics Experiment contains the basic theory of Engineering Optics, Physical Optics curriculum, such as holography, aberration, chromatic aberration, interference, diffraction and polarization, etc. Students can intuitively grasp the abstract knowledge from the experiment, and master the principle and theoretical calculation of each type of physical optics experiment. At the same time, according to the customers' actual needs, we provide customized service for experiment system, to facilitate customers to carry out innovation and in-depth research.

Physical Optics Experiment


1. Lens group debugging
2. Lens focal length measurement
3. ZMAX optical traces


1. Build a reflective holographic experimental system
2. Operate hologram chemical treatment...


1. Experiment of testing spherical aberration produced in different
2. Experiment of testing coma aberration produced in different
3. Experiment of testing astigmatism produced in different


1. Test different spherical aberration pattern shape in field by
    shadow edge method
2. Measure the axial ball by shadow edge method...


1. Master the conditions of producing geometrical aberration and
    basic regulation
2. Observe the computer simulated
impression drawings of various
    aberration phenomenon...


1. Measure the focal length of spherical aberration camera lens
2. Measure the position chromatism of spherical aberration
    camera lens...


Fraunhofer Diffraction Experiment


1. Research the optical path of  producing Fraunhofer diffraction
2. Verify the law of Fraunhofer diffraction pattern


1. The experiment of measuring the lens curvature radius with
    Newton’s ring  
2. The experiment of measuring the lens thickness and parallelism
    by the wedge plate
3. Michelson interferometer experiment


Polarized Light Analysis Experiment


1. Adjust the experimental system to separately produce line
    polarized light, circularly polarized light and elliptical polarized
    light, and verify their properties
2. Verify the Marius’ law


Skills Training


1. Laser production process training
2. Confocal laser plane scoring sy

  Provide customized service of laser device series teaching experiment and skills training system according to customers' research and
    teaching needs

Engineering Optics, Physical Optics

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