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Skill Training

Laser processing and skill training include various laser processing experiments, through the experiments and actual hands-on operation, students will understand laser applications in industrial processes, and quickly grasp its working principle and operating method, improve students interest in laser processing and production.


Laser Production Process Training


1. Laser power supply adjustment practical training.
2. Laser resonant cavity practical training.
3. Laser alignment practical training.


1. Laser marking laser source parameter and performance.
2. Laser marking process study and effect optimize.
3. Varieties typical materials marking training.


Laser Online-marking (Spaying)
Operation Training


1. Master each parameter significance and setting method when
   use computer control.
2. Master various functions and operation in offline editor when use
    offline operating system control.
3. Mast
er the whole system alignment, marking process and
    effect optimization.


Laser Engraving Operation Training


1. Understand laser engraving machine development history, main
    classification and application fields.
2. Understand laser engraving machine working principle and
    equipment structure.
3. Understand different wavelength lasers' applicability on different


Laser Cutting Operation Training


1. Understand laser cutting machine development history, main
    classification and application fields.
2. Master laser cutting machine working principle and equipment
3. Master laser cutting machine software operation method.


Laser Welding Operation Training


1. Understand laser welding machine development history, main
    classification and application fields.
2. Grasping laser engraving machine working principle and
    equipment structure.
3. Knowing laser welding machine drive system structure features,
    design key point and adjustment method.


Confocal Laser Plane Etching System


1. Confocal optical path adjustment.
2. PLC programming and practical application.
3. Module debugging and application.


CAD Real-time Laser Stimulation
Experiment System


1. CAD mechanical design real-time emulation demonstration.
2. Gas laser principle.
3. Automatic control principle.


 ■ Provide customized service of teaching experiment and skills training system according to customers' research and teaching needs

 References: Mechanical Design, Applied Optics, Laser Electronics.

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