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Photoelectric Device Experiment


The photoelectric device experiments can improve students' interest in photoelectric device, and efficiently master the principles, basic characteristics and application methods of various optical detector, which is convenient to teaching. At the same time, we can provide customized service of experiment equipments for customers' to innovate and in-depth development.

Photoelectric Device Experiment


1. Measure the LD/ LED V-I-P curve.
2. Analysis the effect of temperature on the properties of LD/ LED
3. Measure
LD/ LED spectral region…


Photomultiplier Properties Experiment


1. Be familiar with the basic structure and operating principle of
    photomultiplier tube, master the parameter measurement
. Measure the dark current of photomultiplier tube under the
    condition of no light irradiation

3. Make a operating voltage characteristic curve of photomultiplier


1. Photodetector spectral responsively measurement.
2. Photodetector corresponding time test...


Light Show Characteristic Research and Application Experiment


1. Understand LED light emitting principle, measure optical
    parameters, analysis different light determination results.
2. Understand the synthesis principle of three colors: red, green, 
    blue and experiment the polychromatic lights effect of three
    blend proportion colors…


Laser production process training; laser marking skills training
Laser cutting operation training, laser welding operation training

  Provide customized service of photoelectric device series teaching experiment and skills training system according to customers'
    research and teaching needs

s: Photoelectric Device and Detection

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