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Laser Induced Plasma Spectrometer

      Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), by using plasma generated by pulse laser to ablate and excite the substances ( usually is solid ) in samples, and using spectrometer to obtain the emission spectrum which comes from the atoms excited by the plasma, in order to identify the element components of the samples, and then conduct the element identification, the recognization, classification, qualitative and quantitative analysis of the materials.
      CNI launched laser induced plasma spectrometer, assembled with stable and reliable laser, high resolution spectrometer, rapid and accurate software analysis, is the most practical analytical instrument in the use of laboratory and industrial field.
Laser Induced Plasma Spectrometer Laser Induced plasma entitative graph
Aluminium Alloy LIBS Spectrum

Essential Composition


    Pulsed laser, Fiber spectrometer, Focusing lens, Samples, Swivel table, Coupling lens, Fiber holder, Fiber.


Laser Selection

Solid Substance LIBS Detection

Metal sample
(e.g., metal, alloy, steel, mineral, etc.)

High energy pulse laser
The sample has good thermal conductivity, and the laser energy is high enough.

Non metallic multi component sample
(e.g.,heavy metals in soils, NPK fertilizer detection, coal quality analysis etc.)

Low frequency high energy pulse laser
The thermal conductivity of the sample is not good, the high temperature will lead to chemical reaction or burning.
Liquid Substance LIBS Detection Liquid sample
(e.g., sea water, industrial waste water detection, etc.)
High energy pulse laser
Due to the plasma shock wave action, the liquid level fluctuation will affect the detection stability.
Gaseous Substance LIBS Detection Gases and aerosols
(e.g., air, air pollutants, automobile exhaust, industrial waste gas, etc.)
Low frequency high energy pulse laser
Gas breakdown threshold is high, need high energy laser as the excitation light source.
Sample LIBS Spectrum
Copper-aluminum alloy LIBS spectrum Cr: YAG LIBS spectrum Granite LIBS spectrum
Copper-aluminum alloy LIBS spectrum Cr: YAG LIBS spectrum Granite LIBS spectrum
Plant leaves LIBS spectrum Air LIBS spctrum  Soil LIBS spectrum
Plant leaves LIBS spectrum Air LIBS spctrum  Soil LIBS spectrum


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