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  CNI provides many kinds of spectrum analysis accessories, such as optical filter, laser power meter, laser goggles, spectrum calibration laser, tungsten Lamp, halogen light source, laser safety protection board, etc.

Laser Power Meter

Laser Goggles

Optical Filter

CNI offers band-pass filter, high-pass filter, low-pass filter, dichroic filter, beam splitter, etc.


Laser Power Meter

Two types: thermoelectric and photoelectric. The photoelectric type can be divided into high precision, desktop and handheld. Thermopile type is with wide measuring range.

Laser Goggles

Beautiful shape, comfortable fit, high definition, extrusion deformation prevention material, able to protect human eyes from the laser radiation damage from 200nm to 1100nm.
Wavelength Calibration Laser

Tungsten Lamp

Tungsten Lamp

Spectrum Calibration Laser

The spectrum of it comply with NST international standard, and it is used for spectrum instruments wavelength calibration and spectrum calibration

HLS-1000 Halogen Tungsten
Light Source

Wide range of continuous spectrum (340-2000nm), can be used for sample detection of absorbance and transmittance...

Laser Safety Protection Board

An sufficient safety laser protection board adopts sandblasting surface treatment, has no selectivity to light source and is able to protect against laser and strong light effectively.

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