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Laboratory Instruments and Skills Training


    Laboratory instruments and skills training device can improve the level of experiment teaching, widen students’ view, so as to stimulate students interest in experiment and the enthusiasm of autonomous learning, promote the students to master knowledge and skills, keep up with the pace of the rapid development of science and technology, cultivate and improve the students’ ability of scientific research and innovation, become all kinds of scientific research institutions indispensable teaching device.
    Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Tech. Co., Ltd. (CNI), founded in 1996, is a high-tech company. The company is committed to the development, production and sales of teaching experiment and skills training device. CNI adhering to the development of technical force, high quality products and preferential prices, which won the praise and trust of many scientific research institutions and scientific research units.
CNI is willing to provide good service for the development of China’s scientific research and education.
    According to customers' research and teaching needs,
CNI provides teaching experiments and skills training devices with customized service.

Laser Principle Experiment Laser Device Experiment Laser Technology Experiment

Laser Principle Series Experiment

Spontaneous emission and stimulated emission; Absorption spectrum and emission spectrum measurement; Fluorescence lifetime measurement of laser working substance; Optical resonator cavity; Laser basic characteristics and parameters

Laser Devices Experiment

Comprehensive experiment of gas laser; Comprehensive experiment of lamp pumped solid state laser; Comprehensive experiment of diode-pumped solid state laser; Diode laser principle and technoligy experiment…

Laser Technology Experiment

Laser transverse/ longitudinal mode observation and selection technique; Acousto-optic/ Electro-optics Q-switched experiment; Laser modulation experiment; Laser amplification technology; Experiment of laser actively/ passively mode-locked

Nonlinear Optics Experiment

Physical Optics Experiment Fiber Optical Experiment

Nonlinear Optics Experiment

Uniaxial crystal phase matching; Laser frequency doubling, triple frequency and quadruplicated frequency experiment; Laser sum-frequency experiment; Optical parametric oscillation experiment (OPO); Raman scattering

Engineering and Physical Optics Experiment

Fraunhofer diffraction experiment; Interference principle and application experiment; Michelson interferometer experiment; Polarized light analysis experiment

Optical Communication Series Experiment

Experiment of laser propagation in waveguide; Basic experiment of fiber technology; Laser fiber coupling experiment; Fiber sensing series experiments; Fiber stimulated Raman scattering experiment


Laser Spectroscopy Experiment

Laser Application Experiment Photoelectric Device Experiment

Laser Spectrum Series Experiment

Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS); Raman spectrum measurement; Confocal microscopic fluorescence experiment; Cavity ring down spectroscopy technology; Measurement of liquid flow rate by laser Doppler

Laser Application Series Experiment

Laser ranging experiment; Laser display system; Infrared active laser night vision comprehensive experiment; Laser processing experiment; Laser eavesdropping; Laser communication

Photoelectric Device Experiment

LD/LED parameter measuring experiment; Photodetector characteristic measuring experiment; Photodetector characteristic measuring experiment; Research and application of optical display experiment

 Comprehensive Experiment of Optics, Mechanics, Electrics and Computer

Skills Training

 Small Size Teaching Experiment Instrument

This series of instruments with features of convenient to move, easy operating, teachers can bring it to the classroom for demonstration and operation…

 Comprehensive Experiment of Optics, Mechanics, Electrics and Computer

Machine vision recognition rejected comprehensive experiment;Machine vision high precision dimension measurement system; Weld visual tracking experiment; Manipulator grasping system experiment

Skills Training

Laser production process training; Laser marking skills training; Laser online-marking (spraying) operation training; Laser engraving operation training



Customized for Teaching and
Scientific Research

CNI has the quality and technology for a strong backing, according to customers' research and teaching demands, we provide teaching experiments and skills training system with customized service.


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