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Customized Products


About CNI

Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Tech. Co., Ltd. (CNI), founded in 1996. is dedicated to offer high quality lasers, laser systems, optical spectrum analyzer, teaching and laboratory equipment, optical measuring equipment, laser processing equipment, machine vision and the photoelectric detection, etc. CNI also designs and manufactures precision machinery, optical components and optical coating products.


Technical Strengths and Some Cases

CNI owns the strong core technologies in lasers, laser systems, optical spectrum analyzer, teaching and laboratory equipment, optical measuring equipment, laser processing equipment, machine vision and the photoelectric detection. There are over 120 technical engineers engaged in the R&D and production, 45 patents and lots of successfully international cooperation projects. The powerful technical strength makes the possibility to serve the customers with customized solutions for products.
Customized lasers
1. Mode-locked and Single Longitudinal Mode 589.159 nm laser with output power 10W, single pulse
    energy 1.2mJ, linewidth 15GHz, repetition rate kHz, used for Sodium Guide Star.
2. 50W Q-switched 589 nm laser, customized for customer from USA.
3. 100W 660 nm Q-switched laser, customized for customer from UK.
4. Customized Q-switched 1064 nm laser, 7 ns pulse width and 2MW peak power for Nanjing University.
5. Q-switched 556 nm laser with pulse energy 4mJ and repetition rate 1Hz-4kHz customized for
    Switzerland customer.
6. Customized mode-locked 532 nm laser with output power 1W, pulse width 20 ps, and repetition rate
    50MHz, linewidth <0.1 nm for customer from Canada.
7. High power customized 1319 nm laser, with output power 50W for customer from UK.
8. Battery power air cooled 1064 nm laser, with single pulse energy up to 10mJ for customer from
589nm Q-switched laser

50W 589 nm Q-switched laser

high power laser

100W 660 nm Q-switched laser

◆Customized application systems
1. Optogenetics and Neuroscience application system customized for customer from USA.
2. PIV application systems for non-contact hydrodynamic speed method customized for Russian
3. Customized Holography system for Holographic Interferometry, customer from France.
4. Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) system customized for fluorescent probe testing, biological
    disease detection, with wavelengths at 405 nm, 532 nm, 633 nm, 980 nm and so on, customers
    from all over the world.
5. Laser Ranging and Communication system customized for Russian customer.

 Experiment of PIV laser for sink


Fluorescent probe testing HeLa

◆Customized spectrum analyzers
1. Customized Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy Laser Application System with 405 nm and 532 nm
    laser for customer from USA. The 405 nm laser is used to test luminosity of oxide at groups IIA and
    VIA in periodic table. The 532 nm laser is used t
o test fluorescence of ruby powder.
2. Raman Spectrum Measurement System used for detecting jewelry authenticity for customer from
    Hong Kong.
3. Laser Induced Plasma Spectrometer, customized for customer from The University of Hong Kong.
    With wavelengths at 266 nm, 355 nm, 532 nm, 1064 nm, it is used to detect the element in soil, ore,
    sea water and other substances.
4. Absorption/ Transmission Spectrum Detection System customized for customer from Tsinghua
5. Raman Spectrometer customized for customer from Changchun University of Science and
Confocal fluorescence microscop

Confocal fluorescence microscopy

Raman spectra system

Raman system for jewelry authenticity detection

◆Customized laser coatings
1. Customized coating for different laser crystals YAG,YVO4,YLF, etc.
2. Customized coating for Polarization Combiner film for special wavelengths with T:>97%.
3. Long Pass Filters, Ravg >99% from UV to 500 nm, Tavg >95% from 530 to 1200 nm. Short Pass
    Filters, Ravg>99% from 700 to 900 nm, Tavg>95% from 400 to 680 nm, other specs are available
    upon requests.
4. Broadband 400-700 nm anti-reflection film with R:99%.
5. Customized narrow band filter, 400-1500 nm with half bandwidth<16 nm and T>95%.
6. Customized coating for different precision optics and fibers.
laser components

Laser optics

laser components

Band pass filters

◆Customized laser marking systems and laser modules

1. Mini customized laser marking system with very compact dimension and low cost for customer from
2. Mini and low cost laser marking module with 3-6W output power customized for customer from
    China. Can be a good replacement fiber laser for fiber laser marking system.
3. Diamond Micro Laser Marking Machine customized for India customer which with resetting
    positioning accuracy±1μm, minimum character height 40um, and minimum width of marking 5μm.
4. Customized 355 nm laser marking machine which with output power up to 3W customized for
    customer from Korea.
5. Customized service can be offered upon customer's request.

Laser Marking System
Laser marking system

laser for marking
Laser for marking

If you have any need for a custom design, please don't hesitate to contact the CNI sales team We are happy here to assist on your any requests.


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