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Optical Fiber

Optical Fiber

CNI can supply specialty optical fiber for laser coupling. Our products include single-mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, polarization maintaining fiber, liquid light fiber and fiber with pigtailed GRIN lens collimators for all our existing laser modules from visible to near IR transmission.

Fiber for laser coupling
 Single-mode fiber/ Fiber combiner    Multimode fiber (SMA905 or FC/PC connector)
FC/PC or FC/APC connector.
Single-mode fiber for core diameter of 2.5-10 um. Available for 400nm~1550 nm. Fiber splitter available for 532 nm.
  Multimode fiber for core diameter of  50 um, 100 um, 200 um, 400 um, 600 um, 800 um, 1000 um. Support more than one propagation mode.
 Polarization maintaining fiber    Liquid light fiber
Polarization maintaining fiber is available for wavelengths from 400 nm ~1550 nm.   Liquid light fiber for core diameter of 3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm.
 Fiber with pigtailed GRIN lens collimators    Fiber with even beam spot
Diameter 1.8 mm clear aperture. Coupled to standard 62.5/ 200/ 400um fibers.   Even square beam spot and even round beam spot are available on request.
Note: Standard fiber length is 1 m, other core diameters and lengths are available on requests.

Accessories for laser coupling    
 Fiber optic collimator    Fiber Coupler
Used to shape the beam after fiber, FC or SMA connector optional.

Good spot uniformity
Adjustable focus optional
Customization available
  CNI can provide fiber coupler for all our existing lasers, SM/MM fiber type optional. The coupler is designed to connect the fiber and laser to improve fiber coupling efficiency
 Fiber beam combiner    Fiber Holder
Designed for combining 4, 3, 2 fiber beam into 1 fiber (single-mode or multimode) output. Fiber-splitter   Threaded hole: M6
Thread hole spacing: 50 mm
Height: 30cm, 60cm optional
Base size: 30cm* 30cm
 Fiber line generator

CNI can offer fiber line generator at all existing wavelengths and output power, also the divergence are available in fan angles of 80° to 114°  for customers' applications. These series lasers can be used to display a uniform straight reference line in alignment, machine vision systems, construction and process control.
  • Uniform straight line after fiber
  • No spotlight on both ends of the line
  • Even distribution on vertical direction of the line

           Standard Product

Part No.

Full fan Angle (α°)

Line width at 2m location (mm)



80°, 114°



808nm for railway inspection


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